Just to clear up any confusion

I realize that I've spent the whole summer neglecting to tell you that I've been spending the bulk of my Internet writing time = elsewhere. So just to get us all up to date, here is a bunch of posts I've written so far for Infinite Summer, that thing I mentioned a while back where we were all supposed to be reading the same book together. Remember? No? Yeah, well I'm still at it, believe it or not. I think I finally crossed the equator, which means now I can get that Howling Fantods tattoo I've always wanted, and I can pierce my eschatorial lobe, too. Some of what I've written over there makes sense, but don't expect any grave literary intonations from me, I don't possess that sort of mind. I'm more of the "I've got a crush on this character because he's funny" school of literary criticism, which may be why I got a lot of Cs in English.

Anyway, while I'm blathering on about myself I might as well link to the latest news over at Let's Panic! I'm having everso much fun writing over there with Alice because everything we post is just flat-out lies, pages and pages of them. Lies! There's a rumor that some exciting news is afoot for us so I'll let you know as soon as I find out more.

And no, I haven't updated yogabeans! for nearly a year, thank you very much, but somehow I still earned a mention in Blogs of Note last month.

Apparently 28% of your life can be crumbling around your ears and at the same time 47.3% of your brain can manage to flourish creatively. Who knew?