The cat was fine. They only really need three legs, anyhow.

You know what's almost as fun as launching a new site? Having your web host take a big dump while you're doing it. Asking thousands of people to click on the site and then sitting by helplessly while it crashes over and over again. Dreamhost can suck it. Service may be intermittent while we hold hands and pray transfer everything over to Liquid Web today.

In the meantime, I gave in and canceled Jackson's dentist appointment this morning because I got a lot of astonished looks when I said he had to have two teeth pulled a couple hours before his birthday party. In my day, we would have toughed it out! Why, I remember clearing an acre of stumps and pulling a sled full of dead elk six miles through the snow before the cabin burned down the day I turned eight. "Happy birthday!" my father shouted over the roar of the flames. Then he handed me a blanket and told me to smother the dog, who was also on fire.