The Explainer Strikes Again

Jackson: "What's a terrorist?"

Me: (Uh-oh) "Ahh, it's someone who tries to scare and intimidate people into doing what they want them to do. Like, Oh, I don't want women to vote, and I want them to walk around with pillow cases on their heads! And then the terrorist might threaten to blow up a building if the government doesn't make a new law and do what they say, even if no one else really wants women to not vote and wear pillowcases on their heads."

That's okay, right? Sort of defined it without getting too scary?

So then later it's bedtime and we're skipping around to different sections of Jackson's 2008 Guinness Book of World Records, and we start reading about the world's most expensive hotel room. And Jack then comes in and Jackson goes, "Dad! Did you know that the world's most expensive hotel room costs thirty-seven million -- "


"-- thirty-seven thousand dollars a night? And it has four beds, and a jacuzzi, and you get your own private terrorist!"


He was disappointed when he found out what a terrace was.

I'm not actually sure what I'd do with my own private terrorist.