Eden M. Kennedy

mission accomplished, pal

Eden M. Kennedy is the co-author (with Alice Bradley) of the book Let's Panic About Babies! (St. Martin's Press).

A former college-radio DJ, Mrs. Kennedy has driven cross-country six times in a 1973 Volkswagen Bug and enjoys standing on her head.

Currently she works a straight job and is just about finished writing her first novel.

Occupado non blogular

My mind has been occupied with other things lately, though nothing I'd care to share at the moment. I'm back in Denver, on my four-month rotation through Camp Mom. I was amazed at how little there was to eat when I arrived. They survive on fast food, so I turned right back around again and came back with seven bags of groceries.

Every day my mom eats . . .

Breakfast: One banana, sliced, in a bowl with skim milk
Lunch: One McDonald's hamburger and one peanut butter cookie
Dinner: One McDonald's hamburger and one peanut butter cookie

I used to come out here and start cooking up a storm and forcing vegetables on everyone, but we all came to see that does nothing but cause an uprising in the collective digestive tract. And the hospice people just keep saying: give her what she wants.

(Tonight it was two pieces of sour cream blueberry meringue pie.)