Totally Vicious

We here at FussyCorp like to stay off the Pedestal of Judgment, especially when it comes to dressing children, but this cannot stand. I'm not saying that every t-shirt you wear has to depict a role model, and god knows I put Jackson in some inappropriate but funny-to-adults clothing in my time. And artists, well, we cut them some slack because of what they add to the culture and our understanding of ourselves, right? Not that Sid Vicious was an artist -- his bass playing was functional at best (according to Wikipedia, when he and Johnny Rotten were playing music on the street people would give them money to be quiet). But if I were going to buy Jackson a rock t-shirt I'd probably avoid one that featured a girlfriend-stabbing junkie.

Oh, whatever, dress your kid as Karl Marx, I don't care. Last time Jackson put on his tie-dyed t-shirt he dropped his eyelids to stoner-thirty, flashed me a peace sign, and said, "I'm a hippie, dude. Dude? Mom, what's a dude if she's a girl?"