Christmas Came Early This Year, part II

I enjoy getting mail. That's why I have a P.O. box, to receive charming written missives from around the world, among other things*.


For example, Monkey just sent me a delightful postcard from a recent visit to San Francisco, and Antonia marshaled extraordinary amounts of fake fur and glue to create this fantastic card full of cleverly named, G.I. Joe-sized, removable mustaches and beards.

Here we have Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider modeling The Englishman Abroad:

Cage's creepiness factor just went up by 2,000,000, I think you'll agree. Although now that I think about it I should have put him in The Hairy Poo. Well, next time.

I'm very pleased to have had this power bestowed upon me and I promise to wield it only for the purpose of humiliating my son's plastic action figures. So stay tuned.