An Informal Poll

Whatever small plague it was that kept Jackson home from school for two days last week has been passed along for me to nurture and subdivide within my sinuses. The neti pot flushed a lot of it out, agonizingly enough, but I've only had two naps today so I'm going back to bed. I watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (when you're addled by congestion you automatically forgive yourself for losing the thread of overly complicated plots, and, you know, who cares! Robert Downey, Jr.!) and The Devil Wears Prada (Prada is perfect because all the funniest stuff is at the beginning and that third-act slump slides you right back into dreamland). I'm all set up for an Arrested Development marathon to tide me over until Sex and the City, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and What Happens in Vegas arrive from Netflix tomorrow, when I'll probably be well enough to clean the kitchen but then I'll need to return to my bed for a couple of hours to recover from the exertion of wiping and rinsing.

This is what I want to know, however: What's your favorite movie to watch while you're sick in bed, Internet?