Or maybe he's mad because they're out of beer again.

The night we got back from Disneyland I picked up some sushi for dinner, which is our don't-ask-how-much-it-costs-just-get-some-sake-in-the-freezer-STAT default on nights no one wants to cook. Actually, Jackson would have made dinner but then we would have been eating peanuts and salami, mmmmm. At Sushi Teri the TV over the bar was tuned to that Spanish-language show with the guy in the bug costume on it. (He's never a bee anymore, why is that? Now he's like some bobbley-headed superbug.) And tonight he was up against a guy in classic Frankenstein drag, except that the moment I took this picture Frankenstein was all, "What do you mean you didn't record 30 Rock for me last night?!"