It turns out that whenever I say I'm going to stop posting for awhile, it usually means that something I really don't want to write about is waiting at the front of the line. In this case that would be the story of coming back from Denver and talking about how my mom doesn't recognize me anymore. A post that actually won't be a lot of fun to write. So fuck that! Instead I post that I'm going to take a a little break, thinking I'll write that big heavy post later and for the benefit of all mankind. Then, predictably, the next day I get an idea for five different posts that are completely frivolous and fun and have nothing to do with senile dementia.

I should patent this brave, three-step psychological technique for unblocking the mind, Internet-style, because it works every time:

1. Find that you really don't feel like posting anything, perhaps ever again
2. Tell the Internet you're taking a break because you're "busy"
3. Discover that you suddenly have eighteen things to post about

So today (because, okay, I actually am sort of busy) what I have to tell you about is Cakewrecks. You're welcome.