What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Really Grateful It Didn't Kill You

The people who read posts in the Community Keynote event kicked 10,000 pounds of ass last night. If you were there, thank you. If you weren't, when the podcast goes up I will put a giant blinking link up that says CLICK HERE TO BE RIVETED FOR 90 MINUTES in giant red letters.

I want to thank all the people who read, again. Some of them I only met for the first time as I introduced them, so, Hi, that kind of sucked of me and if the last time I saw you you were coming off stage in tears, or heaving a giant sigh of relief, I want you to know how utterly happy I was that you did what you did up there.

Here are all the links to the pieces we heard last night in the order they were read.

Best Rant

Sarah Brown, "Attention: I have some things to say about Goldfish snack crackers."

Danielle Wiley, "I am indeed a full-time mother, and yes, my daughter does watch Hannah Montana"

Megan Smith, "Michelle Obama Enjoys "The View:" A Recap"

Mr. Lady, "It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop."

Heather Barmore, "Guess who wants Typepad for Mother’s Day"

Blogging About Blogging

Liz Gumbinner, "I'm official! Hooray!"

Suebob Davis, "Blogging makes you lose your mind"

Stephanie Bergman, "Has Twitter Ruined Blogging?"

Zan, "Note to Self in the Age of the Internet: A Necessary Reminder"


Casey, "The one about the overdose."

Doug, "Five going on fifteen"

Polly Pagenhart, "Thanks giving"

Lindsay Ferrier, "Every Mom Needs a Little Wiggle Room"

Letter to My Body

Yvonne, "Life Changing Words"

Schmutzie, "#744: I Nudged Him Hard, Saying: "Come, Gloopy Bastard, As Thou Art""

Jen Zug, "He should really teach all young men everywhere how to extract the truth from tired, chubby, stay at home moms"

Laurie White, "Letter to My Body, Letter to My Face"


Antonia Cornwell, "Christmas Poem"

Jenny Lawson, "High"

Evany Thomas, "Say my name!"

Deb, "Too much of a good thing?"

Angela, "The albatross and the whales, they are my brothers."