I had uncharacteristically agreed to write a review of a sample of caulk I'd been sent and submit the review to the sponsor in order to earn a chance to win a $1,000 Visa gift card. Because hey! A thousand dollars? Yes, please. Unfortunately, I didn't like the product much. I assumed they'd only choose a positive review to win the money, but I decided to write the review anyway. I'd been neglecting my "Reading" page -- I'd started it to keep track of what I thought of the books I'd been reading, but lately I've been thinking I might get interested in updating it again if I expanded it to cover other weird stuff that crosses my path, including samples of caulk.

People are always asking me if they can send me stuff to write about on my web site and I get irritated and decline, so I'm thinking I'll take a few of them up on it, but they'll have to deal with what really happens when I do.