Vermin . . . ts

Now, what's the first thing you think of when you read the word "Vermints"? If you're like me and don't immediately get the significance of the mid-word capital M? You think, "Vermin. Who on earth would name a box of mints after vermin?" And then you get a mental image of a grey, wet, dead rat.

And then you look at the box some more -- you have a few minutes since the woman two ahead of you in line didn't know she had to spend $50.00 to use her $10.00-off coupon and went and left all her food on the conveyor belt mumbling something about organic chicken, and you had to stand there because there were no other check-outs open.

"Vermont's all natural chai pastilles" says the box helpfully. Oh, VerMINTS! VerMONT! Mints from Vermont, VerMints.

It took two minutes of concentrated effort on my part to figure that out. And I was stone cold sober. And then I laughed and I bought them so I could come home and write this post to tell you about mints made out of VERMIN.

The chai flavor pretty much wipes out the rat overtones, though.