Last Week We Got Some Snow

Last week we got some snow here:


That's kind of rare in the beachy, somewhat tropical lower elevations of Southern California, as you may have guessed. That snow you're seeing in the photo is up about dkfgkhd-thousand feet above sea level. I took the picture from the grassy area across the street, which is about seven feet above sea level. Then I went back upstairs where we live warm and dry on the second floor, roughly seventeen feet above sea level. I'm not sure how much of a difference that extra ten feet makes when you live in a tsunami zone, but I'm going to go ahead and keep not thinking about that.

A helpful person noted in the Flickr comments on that photo that of course, this is not the first time it's snowed here. Then, to disarm the sense that I might feel somewhat chided for projecting a such a rookie reaction (I titled my photo "OMFG SNOW"), my commenter politely conceded, "Of course, this [snow] is looking a little 'low.'" Indeed! It's also looking a little fucking global-climate-change-y, if you ask me.

Later that day one of the parents at Jackson's school filled up the bed of his pickup with a quarter-ton of climate change and trucked it down to the school parking lot. When the kids came out he lowered the truck's gate, ran about fifty feet away, and yelled, "I BET YOU CAN'T HIT ME!"

You can take a bunch of California kids to the beach and they all know not to throw sand in each other's faces; you give them a truckful of snow and holy Burl Ives, a four-year-old girl in Hello Kitty socks hucked an ice ball right at my face. Snowfight etiquette, people! Marquess of Queensberry Rules!