Mommy's Taking Off Her Jackboots For Christmas Eve

Jack pointed this out to me, from the January 2008 Esquire magazine:

One morning at breakfast in Austin, April, Lyle Lovett's girlfriend, got up from the table, and as she did, Lyle rose from his chair. Lance Armstrong was also at the table, and he asked Lyle about his gesture. Lyle said this: "When you look like I do, you need every advantage you can get."

My personal M.O. for the holiday appears to be: explode self-righteously over any minor frustration (stupid design of honey bottle, puppy dragging my sports bra under the bed, the fact that RiteAid set up a big display of Valentines Day candy over the weekend), but quickly downshift into apologetic self-mockery because Hey! It's Christmas Eve, bitch! And Jackson still has a chance to firmly establish his happy holiday neurons so Loren Eiseley help anyone who screws that up for him.

Not that I could do too much damage, with him being so goddamned cute, hanging shiny balls on the tree and whistling "Waltzing Matilda" and almost helplessly declaring, "I'M JUST SO HAPPY!"