I hate how well my husband understands me

You know how I mentioned I was knitting a hat for Jack? It was supposed to have stripes? Yeah, well. When I was packing my carry-on bag I just stuck two balls of wool in there, figuring that would be enough. And it was! Just not enough for what I'd envisioned. I was basically making shit up as I went along anyway, so I figured I could take a few liberties with the stripe thing. First I made some little boxes going around, which suddenly looked like windows! So then I made little peaked roofs over them! And I had a little neighborhood. Which gave me leave to fill in the top of the hat with a blue night sky and a few little oatmeal-colored stars. And voila! The Starry Nightcap!

starry nightcap

Except for it being sort of flat on top, like a soup pot, and big enough for a -- a person with a REALLY BIG HEAD.

Me: "I finished your hat!"

Jack: "Good! How's it look?"

Me: "Well, it's a little . . ."

Jack: "Of course it is. I'd expect no less of you."