National Blog Posting Month, Day 6

I devoted most of this morning to drawing a chart. I mean a table, or rather a graph, I get those things all mixed up. Actually, it's a tree, okay.

I made the mistake of opening up Roz Chast's "Theories of Everything" to look for an example of how to do a flow chart -- certainly you wouldn't want to Google "flow chart," for heaven's sake, you might end up at, in control of the space shuttle, accidentally jettisoning some poor astronaut through his chemical toilet -- and the next thing I knew I had constructed a group of oddly connected boxes and titled the whole mess "YOUR HORRIBLE, DOOMED FAMILY TREE."

family tree

Meanwhile, Alice was doing this:

alice and cookie 3

I'll have more to say about THAT tomorrow. In the meantime: shoes!


These are Clark's, can you believe it? Girly, girly, girly. I kind of hate how high the heel is, because I tend to fall off shoes, because in a former life I was apparently an uncoordinated clown.