National Blog Posting Month, Day 30

First of all, I finally figured out how to post something that doesn't suck on MamaPop: all you do is you borrow good stories from other people's web sites. And that's how gossip spreads, children! So wash your hands after you read this.

I'm actually not much on celebrity gossip, I read People at the dentist's office and that gives me my yearly dosage of actors on TV shows I don't watch modeling clothes I can't afford, BUT I am very much interested in knowing insiderish stuff about who's going to be in which upcoming movies. And Lo, a bright light shone in the heavens and it told me to Google "movie rumors," and thus I was smote by and didst receive its blessings.

SECONDLY, with all the shoe posting? Some people have expressed interest in those Pumas I said I wanted to get rid of, so I put them on eBay along with two other pairs of Pumas (orange and blue) that I picked up a few years ago and have only worn once or twice because they just feel too young for me. And I don't want to be one of those sad women creeping around the old-folks' home wearing Candies and a push-up bra, and THAT'S WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I DON'T SELL THESE SHOES.

I'm off to Denver tomorrow morning, driving and parking and shuttling and flying and renting a car and huffing tiny packages of peanuts for as long as it takes to get me from here to my mom's house, where I will then be able to stay put for a week. I know people are going to be anxious to hear who won the prizes and I will do my best to get the winners up ASAP, it's going to take longer than I thought to check all the blogs (quitters!) but my hand to Owen Wilson's broken heart I'll get them all up by Sunday night, pinkie swear.