National Blog Posting Month, Day 29

I've received a lot of incredibly nice e-mail from people who have really enjoyed NaBloPoMo. (I made an effort to be more positive this year, see? I haven't called it BloMe once.) And that's nice! Yay for people who can't seem to stop posting and have written to suggest:

1. That I construct a new blogging challenge for each month of the year.

2. That we should just keep going and post every day of 2008.

The thought of trying to administrate something like that just caused my aorta to climb out of my mouth and wind itself around my throat so it could choke me to death if I started up a new social network devoted to making me a hollow-eyed zombie. So, no, I won't be doing either of those things, but by god if you want to take on the challenge be my guest! I will send you all the moral support and bad advice your inbox can hold.

I'm exaggerating, of course. I had my headaches, sure, everybody does. Mine came that first week when I realized I was in over my head and was faced with a steep learning curve at the moment when thousands of people flooded in needing everything to work RIGHT NOW. And here I sat on my bed with a laptop and no programming skills and no one to ask what to do. Fortunately, a few people sensed I was losing it and came through with some simple (for them) tricks that helped make it look like I was in control. I hope that every one of them is closer to perfect enlightenment because of that.

Mainly I learned that if I want the main site to do precisely what I want it to do next year, I have to start work on it now.

Or, you know, January is good.