National Blog Posting Month, Day 27

motorcycle boots

Bought on 8th Street in New York about 1988 so I would look tough. God help me, I even went into East Village Leather at one point and bought some leather bandolero things I could sling around the ankle that had notches for bullets. So, yeah, I walked around for like two years with bullets around my feet until one day I was on an airplane and the guy across the aisle goes, "Are those real bullets?" I'd answered this question a lot so I was all casual and told him what the guy in the leather shop said, they were dummies. Aisle guy didn't believe me and turned me in to the flight attendant, who made me hand over the bullets. I was really indignant that they didn't even give them back when we landed. But I love how 1990 airport security didn't see me walking on board with loaded shoes, some nervous businessman had to go get a stewardess to disarm my feet.