It's not A lamb, it's Lamb!

It's not A lamb, it's Lamb!

First of all, I apologize to any vegetarians who see this and go bluck.

Second of all, would anyone else like a delicious recipe for lamb?

Buy one rack of lamb. The ones from New Zealand are THE BEST, if you can find them -- they're about $17 at Trader Joe's, maybe $13 at Costco.

Get a big knife and slice between the ribs, you'll end up with eight little chops.

Sprinkle them with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and if you want put some of that fancy Williams Sonoma pork rub on there, it's lovely.

Do you have a stovetop grill pan? So you can fry things and leave dark grill marks across them, perhaps in a harlequin pattern? Heat that mother up, maybe put a little PAM or olive oil on it. I'd say a medium-high heat.

Arrange the chops on the grill and keep an eye on them, it's usually something like four minutes a side. I like them to have a little pink in them but to essentially be cooked through.

Serve on a bed of white beans (canneloni or Great Northern) -- before I even put the lamb on the grill I put two cans of beans in a pot with a hefty splash of white wine, salt and pepper, then add crispy, crumbled bacon and let it all simmer. I toss in a handful of chopped Italian parsley a minute before I take it off the burner (parsley looks pretty). Arrange three or four chops on top of the beans, sprinkle with a little more parsely, and then you can die and go to heaven, amen.