'Cause ya gotta have faith


I posted a link to this on MamaPop yesterday but in the interest of making sure five or six more people see it: voilà, embedded so that you may enjoy watching Maria Bamford prank call her mom pretending to be the baby Jesus, and worship her pug, Blossom.

Speaking of Dog, holy mother of Rin Tin Tin do I have a toothache. I called my dentist's emergency line this morning and he called me back an hour later from a ham radio operator's convention, he had my whole dental history and X-rays up on his laptop and was ready to called in a prescription for Biaxin in case I have an abscess (the other option being a cracked molar). All will be revealed Monday morning, in the meantime I'm taking lethal amounts of Tylenol and Motrin, resulting in a gentle floating sensation.

Which is extra fun because Jackson has three birthday parties this afternoon and evening, two of them in costume, but only one involving rollerskates.