NaBloPoMo Returns!!!

I've been getting quite a few e-mails from people asking if I'm going to "do" that crazy National Blog Posting Month thing again, and the answer is: YES.

I moved the mothership over to

The idea is that whoever wants to can sign up over there, which will add your site to the official site so everyone can find you and your site! And watch you blog on it! Every day FOR A WHOLE MONTH!!!

I think it's something called "social networking." Have you heard of it?

I did this because last year I permanently damaged my arm coding endless amounts of HTML to add everyone's links to the original NaBlo page -- seriously, my elbow still hurts if I move it this one way. And I had like three volunteers helping me! I also gained five pounds from all the sitting and the coding. Oh, and the doughnuts.

Anyway, I know it's early, this whole thing doesn't start until November, but I know some of you are going to get itchy and start making lists of things to post about so you don't run out of ideas, and I'm all for enabling any amount of OCD symptoms you want to let run out of control.

The site that's organizing all this information for us is called Ning and they provide all sorts of participatory options. You can post video to NaBlo! You can post music! You can post photos! You can start groups and discussions and all that crap. It's awesome, in a way, if everyone is into it. I just felt like if people were going to be as intense about it as they were last year then there ought to be as many channels as possible for all the energy this thing generates.

So we'll try meeting Ning for this year, see what happens. If it turns out that all that is unnecessary and no one wants to use it, we'll take a step back and simplify. It's all about the blogging, after all.

I hope you'll think about joining. I don't even know how many people we had doing it last year, maybe about 2,000.

Now, about those prizes for the random drawing. All the people who donated prizes last year were total champs (including, as it happens, Heather Champ). They were generous beyond belief, shipped out their prizes in a timely manner, and added a frisson of giddy anticipation to the whole endeavor. If you're interested in offering a prize this year, e-mail me (nablopomo {at} gmail {dot} com). I'll announce more about that as it takes shape.

Okay, that's it for now. Wow, I had some crazy full moon-style dreams last night and I am really looking forward to my appointment with my shrink this afternoon.