Time Capsule

More goodies from the time capsule that is my mom's house.

(All photos can be viewed in their full crumbling hugeosity by clicking on them, which will take you to flickr, where you can click on "all sizes" and see them big, bigger, BIGGEST.)

The Denver Post

The Denver Post entertainment section, Friday, January 6, 1978. This is why you should always wrap your hostages stuff with newspaper, so you can time travel back and experience the cultural riches of your backwater heritage.

Movie ads

Every single kid in the world who was taking ballet class in 1978 begged their mom take them to see The Turning Point. You could tell that Anne Bancroft wasn't really a dancer, but she and Shirley MacLaine whirling around in front of Lincoln Center whacking each other with their handbags is the most awesome ballet fight ever committed to film, I'm pretty sure, though I didn't see that Neve Campbell movie so I can't be positive.

Movie ads

There's probably a lot to say about this page but I'm not the one to do it. Although now that I look at it, we have side-by-side Richard Dreyfuss movies, the sight of which will probably make my husband sick. I'm not sure why Richard Dreyfuss makes Jack ill, but Dustin Hoffman has the same effect. Well, the foundation of a successful marriage begins with a sensitively built Netflix queue, doesn't it, ladies.

Movie ads

This page kills me, the fact that all this stuff was going on in Denver, of all places, at the same time. Julia and Semi-Tough and Star Wars and Looking for Mr. Goodbar and uh, Pete's Dragon were all playing. Or you could go downtown to the somewhat sketchy revival cinema and see either Citizen Kane or Luis Buñuel. Or you could remind yourself that you live in a total cow town and go the the National Western Stock Show and pet a sheep and watch some barrel racing and stand next to a bull that would just as soon crush you beneath its two-ton ass as look at you. Or you could be a Sissy McNancypants and go to a production of The Threepenny Opera, but I suppose if you had real balls you would have been at the Calvary Temple listening to Eldridge Cleaver.

Movie ads

Midnight show at the Continental, aw yeah. The Continental used to have one of the most gigantic screens in Denver but the last time I drove by it looked like it had been carved up into a multiplex. I hate it when they do that; I know the cinema makes more money that way, but seriously, you can buy a TV that's bigger than some of the screens they show first-run movies on these days. And another thing! *Grumble, grumble, the popcorn sucks, grumble, three dollars for water, hmph.*

Movie ads

Truly, we lived in an age of giants. With giant hair. And really tight pants. Who wanted you to catch their disease.

Spider-man daily strip

"Bombs don't exactly turn me on! But if that so-called liberation front is gonna cramp my love life . . ." Oh, Peter! Stifling terrorist rebellion just to keep your date with that moody snob, Tana? What were you thinking?!

TV schedule

Hey, kids! Remember when we just had five television channels? And if you were home sick from school and got tired of reading comic books and listening to the radio your only TV choices were As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Mayberry RFD, or, if you were lucky and it was Wednesday, Advanced Sewing. Aw, heck, I'll just take a nap and wait for Match Game to come on at 2:30.