No Pants! Just Stuff On My Tortoise

Last night I dreamed that I went to BlogHer Business and I wasn't wearing any pants, just wandering around with a my ass hanging out. Thank you, brain, for this classic anxiety dream, because it's true, I have been thinking about not going to BlogHer this year. I have four trips to make this spring -- Palm Springs (drive), New York (Jet Blue credit), San Francisco (drive), Denver (Frontier credit) -- that, despite the relative affordability that staying with friends and family confers, will decimate whatever travel budget exists for my wee family, so something's got ta give. The only way I can afford Chicago in July is if they accept one of my two panel proposals (for if I'm on, or moderating, a panel I'll get my entrance fees paid and maybe a travel stipend). Last summer in San Jose the whole weekend cost me $65 in gas money and I sold enough t-shirts to pay for my room and what little food I had the time to eat. Now that airfare, fancier hotels, and shipping shirts that people may or may not want to buy anymore are involved, it's looking grim. Also, my ambivalence is growing about the conference itself. The panels are just an excuse for me to socialize, and while I really, really enjoy meeting people whose blogs I read . . . well, actually, that's still a pretty good reason to go. Hmmm.

Here is a picture of Peanut trying to stuff his head under the refrigerator.

He also enjoys the warm air that blows out of the fridge vent, but he has not tried to fling himself downstairs lately, so let's hope that was all youthful hijinks that post-hibernation, grownup Peanut has left behind.

Jackson is home from school today because yesterday, after soccer games at Dwight Murphy Field and penguins at the zoo, he conked out in the truck. There was no tired-boy drama, we just got in the truck, he closed his eyes, and seriously, he was asleep before his head came to a delicate, gentle rest on my shoulder. Two hours later he woke up on the couch with a headache and a fever of 104. By bedtime he was back to normal, but school rules being what they are he's getting a day off from the rigors of kindergarten. We started a fire and now we're in our jammies watching old Power Rangers Ninja Storm DVDs.

We also played another round of Stuff On My Tortoise!

Someday when I really have some time on my hands I'll give these guys a run for their money.

I wish I had a macro lens.