Zachary Is A Peach

If you ever read the comments here you might recognize the name Jippy. She's funny and caring and she finished BloMe! Which means she has her own page in my special gilded and archival quality book of truly splendid human beings.

The other day she sent me this e-mail:

Eden Marriott Kennedy,

I think of you as someone who knows everything about the internet. [Ha! -- Ed.] I can't imagine that you haven't heard about the Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Charity contest/website that he has going on. I've made one for my son. He goes to The MAGIK (Making Aches Go away In Kids) Pain Clinic at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Before he was helped by the pain team he was constantly bloody with open wounds. He would hurt himself to release natural endorphines. We spent hours wrapped in sheets in a closet that I made into a padded cell; I even cut out a window in the door. Later we used it for puppet shows. You can imagine how much I owe these doctors for helping my son as much as they have. He is a wonderful boy. Would you check out the blog I made for him. I am not sure if I am brave or humble enough to ask you to post something about it on your site. I probably am desperate enough, though . . .

I try not to abuse your charitable instincts when you come here or make you cry into your cornflakes, but check out what she's doing. Zachary is a peach and he is trying so hard.