A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down, by Nick Hornby

One interesting side effect of reading books that people give you for free is that you're reading books that people didn't particularly want to hold onto. Hence "A Long Way Down," which I got in a trade for "In a Sunburned Country," I believe, which I sort of regretted sending away because I enjoyed it so much. So maybe in the future I should say to potential book traders, "Only send me that book if you're going to feel a little bit bad about doing it." Because I want only the best and most beloved free literature on my nightstand.

So, Nick Hornby, I did enjoy this book, it had plenty of those lighthanded but insightful moments you do so well. I think your British characters were very well done, the American not quite so much. I wonder what he sounded like in your head as you wrote him? I had the feeling that he listed to a lot of Bob Dylan.