My Goodness

As of this afternoon I still have more than 400 people to add to the NaBloPoMo links list. My god, do you people know what you're signing up for? Thirty days of anxiety, that's what. However, blessings be upon your heads, there are more prizes being offered! The singular Mason herself is offering both a copy of her book and a t-shirt with a four-letter word on it. Actually, it has three four-letter words on it, only one of which will make your grandma hit you with a spoon. And Deb of 60 bugs is offering a hand-embroidered tee. I have two of her t-shirts and I can vouch for their durability and exceeding craftiness. So post every day and you'll be entered to win! Void where prohibited; may contain traces of nuts.

Truth be told, I am feeling precariously close to unable to dig out from under this mountain of Internet and Actual Work I'm so behind on, and I am thinking of hiring an intern. A George, if you will. Actually, I think I'd have more fun with a Robert.