The Business Cards of BlogHer

I got some really great business cards at the conference.

(Click on the card to get to the person's site.)

Ticket stub? Very clever.

A friendly reminder on the back of Jen Zug's card.

Not waving but drowning. In kids! I like the sinking Titanic angle of the url. Well done, Jess.

Boobs! That's all Jen thinks about, trust me.

A woman whose card looks like this fears nothing.

But, boy, some of these no-name bloggers really put a lot of work into making an impression.

Comes with a button! So wishing I'd thought of that.

Now you know: Vegemite comes in sample packs. Only an Australian with a macro lens could back that up. (Her name and particulars are stamped on the back of the card, in case you were wondering.)

The only thing better than a clever business card is wrapping it around a piece of chocolate. On the back it says, "It's hard to bitch with your mouth full."

"Our blogger who art in heaven"? Come on, that's pretty good. I have no idea who this person is, I just found these cards scattered about the hallway on the third floor of building 8.

EDITIED TO ADD: I KNOW Heather's address is on her card, it's her P.O. box, which she publishes on her site, it's not her home address. I didn't post any card that had a home or work address or phone number on it.