More Web-extruded flotsam

Last week when all this mucus set in, I don't know, maybe it started pressing on part of my brain. For several days -- during which I posted the possibility that I might never come back -- I had the feeling that I needed to keep all my words close to my body, and I felt this acutely within my body, right in the third chakra, the yellow one, I forget what it's called, or even what it means.

And then I stopped taking Sudafed and got on some antibiotics, and the feeling lifted.

That afternoon, after I'd taken my first dose, Jack had brought Jackson back from the beach and gone back to work and I was watching Jackson in the bath. And I was getting these stomach cramps but kind of trying to breathe right through them (childbirth is such good training for not panicking when your body starts doing something you don't understand) and Jackson had no idea, he was yapping about what he wanted for a snack.

But with every breath I took the rushing in my ears got a little louder, and the lights got a little dimmer, and when I woke up I was on the bedroom floor in Child's Pose, if you know what that is, resting with my shoulders on my knees and my forehead on the floor. I just stayed there for awhile, reconnoitering, listening to Jackson in the tub. Then I crawled to the phone and called Jack and asked him politely to come home as soon as he could.

Pirate Fish Vinyl Sticker - White
"If you needed something closer to an actual fish, fear not. As global warming increases due to a sharp decline in pirates, which are praised by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, you can stay comfortable in the knowledge that you were touched by his noodly appendage and shall be blessed with a beer volcano and a stripper factory. Sleek in 5" of tight, white vinyl."

(I'm not getting paid by the Flying Spaghetti Monster people, I just like the whole thing about pirates and the beer volcano.)