Two links

1. The next best thing to having this description of someone's hopes for the new Jason Schwartzman vehicle show up in your mailbox is having La Coquette post it:

"I hope they show the part where Les Peuples grab the Princess de Polinac when she's on rue Montorgeuil and tear her limb from limb before taking her severed head to the hair dresser to have it recoiffed so they could put it on a stick and shove it up in front of the window of where they were keeping Marie Antoinette in prison."

"Oooh, me too."

2. I laughed until I cried at handmade trash, and I can't really explain why, but if you grew up with any kind of misguided, underemployed crafters in the family maybe it will make perfect sense to you, too. [via Yarn Harlot]