He laughed and laughed

I love designing this site with a committee. Seriously, the feedback whenever I change the look around here, it just kills me. I was messing around with my template this afternoon when Jack decided to pull up a chair and put in his two cents and hey! Now my site is neon yellow and hot pink.

He laughed and laughed.

No doubt you will not.

So let me quickly divert your attention to someone whose site won't cause seizures: "I like reading the headlines and skipping the story because getting the whole picture invariably makes life much less interesting. Give me a title and a catch phrase over content any day. In fact, if you create a site called betterporn.com and give your site the catch phrase, ‘Like porn. Only better.’ I will put it number one on my blogroll even if it’s just a link to a blank page. Ditto bettercrack.".

Fussy will revert to something less psychedelic after the Easter Bunny drops in and gives it the thumbs up.