I wish my dog could read

I think we're going to change Katie's name to "Wrecking Ball."

She is one tough dog. I think she was a little out of her weight class, taking on a car, but, you know, you ought to see the car.


Still rather crusty, but not quite ready for a good scrubbing.

You guys are really nice for leaving all those comments, I wish my dog could read. I'd read them to her but she's pretty busy sleeping at the moment.

We let her sleep on a comforter on the couch last night, instead of in her crate, and this morning I found a big puddle of pee at the top of the stairs. When I told Jack he said, Well, I don't really have the heart to hit her with a rolled-up newspaper right now.


The rap robe works its healing magic!

The woman who hit Katie came over Sunday night to introduce herself, which I thought was big of her. Apparently another one of our neighbors (god bless him) went nuts yelling at her, while we were busy abandoning our child and speeding off to the vet, until she was so upset she called the police. I don't recall that she apologized to me, nor did she offer to help with the $600.00 vet bill, but I shook her bony hand and let it go. What the fuck am I going to do, sue her?

So what have we learned from all of this. Posting about pets, children's birthday parties, and shoes will get you a lot of comments! Oh, and always keep your dog on a leash if you're not in a fenced area.