Let's do this

I got a nice mention in the San Francisco Chronicle today about the t-shirts, so it's as good a time as any to tell you that the kids' shirts are up and running. They are hot pink with "Fussy" written in chocolate brown; the color combination is my homage to the Baskin Robbins color scheme and all the undgerage summers I worked there for $1.10 an hour.

ALSO, it's t-shirt amnesty week. If you contacted me in October about getting a shirt before the price went up, but then for whatever reason you never sent your check or finished your PayPal transaction, guess what? I still have my list of you LOLLYGAGGERS and if you get your act together this week you can still have a shirt for $15.00. I can't promise it will be there before Xmas, but let's just make the effort, okay? It's my Christmas present to all you lazy procrastinators out there. For I am a river to my people!