Sick day

Sunday skipped right by and with it the fourth anniversary of this blog. Hey! I celebrated by not blogging, by watching movies all day with a sick little boy who today is enjoying his second day off from school and his third day of coughing and barfing! all! over! everything! I'm happy to report that right now he's naked in bed ogling Wonder Woman, but we're still going to the doctor this afternoon.

Some t-shirt housekeeping for those who care. November 1 t-shirts are going up to $20.00 each. This is because when I told my t-shirt guy how much I was charging for each shirt, including shipping, he was aghast. (I didn't have the heart to tell him I sold the first batch for $10.00 each.)

Anyway, I'm expecting a new batch of shirts next week in an exciting new color: White! With black letters! You know, for winter. And there will also be a new shirt that will be so essential to your existence that you'll be unable to contain yourself and will be flinging money toward me just to get your hands on one before anyone else.

So, if you've been lollygagging (and you know what that makes you? a lollygagger), now's your chance to order a shirt for a low, low $15.00. All orders received after 12:00 a.m. November 1 will be charged $20.00, but that will also include superfast priority mail shipping. See? You give a little more and I give right back. It's just the way I am.