Greetings from flu and snot central

Greetings from flu and snot central! Jackson's been home from school with the coughing and barfing for nine days now and we're starting to demonstrate that patient/caregiver dynamic where the patient resents his dependence and raises himself from his trench on the couch and screams I HATE YOU! at his caregiver every ten or fifteen minutes, while his caregiver comes this close to throwing a GoBot at him and walking out the door, after giving careful instructions to the dog on how to administer a one-and-a-half-teaspoon dose of cough syrup every four hours.

I have to say, for the amazing lack of personal time I've had since weekend before last I'm only a day behind in answering e-mails and a week behind on mailing out t-shirts. Which just goes to show you what my life priorities are: #1 = Wrap child in blanket and place gently in front of television, and #2 = RUN TO COMPUTER.

After all my bragging about beads, Jim sent me a nice e-mail and asked me if I'd be willing to take a commission to bead him a WWJDD bracelet. Yes: a "What Would Joan Didion Do?" bracelet. I declined, feeling flattered that he'd assume I was skilled enough to weave little seed beads into interesting patterns on a loom of tiny threads. He forged out on his own and e-mailed me back, saying he'd found what he was looking for, those chunky little beads with letters on them, so never mind. Oh, miscommunication, how I love thee. There I was, telling him I had no idea how to do what he wanted, and he was all, Whoa, okay, I didn't realize putting beads on a string was so, uh, complicated.

Yeah, well, here is the result of the previous barf-free weekends' crafty work. For Christmas, though, I'm totally going to figure out how to make summer camp Indian craft belts for everyone.