Katie, today you are a woman

On Tuesday morning I took our dog, Katie, to work with me, as usual. It's pretty boring for her there unless Tam Tam, the girl I share the office with, is in. About half the time Tam Tam's out at the job site doing design work, but when she comes into the office no one is happier to see her than Katie. She literally jumps for joy when she hears her coming through the door, and if no bosses are around Tam Tam gives Katie the true doggie-style love that only she can doggy do:

I love this photo, it looks like some sort of black-velvet pieta.

Anyway, Tuesday morning it was just Katie and me in the office when I started to notice these little spots of blood on the floor. I thought, Is she losing another tooth? and I looked into her mouth, but it looked okay so I wiped up the blood spots and thanked God the office has a polished concrete floor. Because about halfway through the afternoon I realized the blood was coming out of her ass. Or more accurately, out of her vulva.

Katie's having her first period.

It didn't exactly bring a tear of joy to my eye, but seeing as she's the closest thing to a daughter I'm ever going to have I gave her a hug and took her to buy some maxi pads.

Specifically, I bought her a doggy diaper garment.

It has velcro fasteners and little removable panty liners, and you can imagine her reaction to me strapping this thing around her butt. She scooted around the house for about an hour, trying to wear it off, I guess, until finally she just showed up while I was typing the previous post, turned around so her ass was facing me, and took a big fat crap in it.

So, yeah, the doggy diaper's in the trash right now, $36.00 down the drain. At least our new carpet at home has little flecks of brown and red in it so anything she leaves behind kind of blends right in.