Top fifty films for children up to the age fourteen

Jackson's already seen half of the movies on the list because we're such lax parents we'll just pop in any old movie to get him to quit asking us for food, or attention, or love. The half he hasn't seen would probably scare the socks off him at this point anyway -- I mean, Night of the Hunter? You need to be at least seven before you're allowed to have Robert Mitchum's sweaty fists ruining your dreams. And Raiders of the Lost Ark still scares me, with the faces melting? And the Nazis? Holy no thanks, Batman. The one I did add to our beloved Netflix queue is La Belle et la bete, the old black-and-white Beauty and the Beast, because when she floats down the hall and all the lights raise up to meet her? Those are real human arms! This is not some cute Walt Disney story with baby teacups, this is the Brothers fucking Grimm, baby! Which reminds me, has anyone else seen that preview for the new movie where Matt Damon is one of the brothers Grimm? Seriously, he is.