Jack and I kept calling this tile octagonal, but then I finally really looked at it and it only has six sides. For some, that would be a sexagon.* *NSFW

Check out that chair rail. When I stopped in at lunchtime yesterday to grab a few photos the tile guys had set up a hot plate in the living room and the whole place smelled like steak.

At least that blood stain is covered up now.

At the Tileco warehouse they have all these precut granite slabs held together with heavy straps. Cheapest granite countertops in the known world. We chose three slabs of "Yellow Fantasy." The elves and gnomes are installing it next Friday.

Well, we kind of blew it with the crate training. We left her in it too long one day and she just crapped all over it. So much for that "they'll never soil their nest" theory. And she rings the jingle bell at the door only about 20% of the time. So instead of me training her, she's trained me to take her out every two hours. There's nothing more fun than taking care of a sick, clingy child all week while trying to pack up nineteen tons of books, records, and CDs, and then finding a pile of poo in front of the door when you've missed that crucial thirty-minutes-after-feeding window. Yes, my life is a living hell, and you should feel sorry for me. Maybe I'll put up a PayPal button.