As you might imagine, the last week has been a merry-go-round of puppy training, puppy sitting, and puppy molestation, with a healthy dose of NO! *whack* NO! Little Katiedoo has been chewing on everything: shoes and water bottles, chairs and tables, our hands and our ears and our feet. She'll chew on anything but an actual puppy toy that's been engineered to withstand the force of her love -- her lethal, lethal love. Also, this housetraining thing? Oy. Thank god she's attracted to washable items, is all I can say. I can deal with an occasional poop on the bathmat, but I like to go barefoot inside and I cannot tell you how tired I am of stepping onto a damp kitchen rug. It doesn't send out a pee-warning smell, like it would if a cat had micturated all over it, no, dog pee just lays there quietly until you just get completely grossed out by the sad efficiency of your denial and procrastination mechanisms. Fortunately, she does a lot of this: