Last night I sat at a dinner table while three women yelled at Jack to start a blog THIS INSTANT. He had just told a riveting story about an interior designer and the job site port-a-potty. Unfortunately, his best stories are about work, and as we all know you just don't blog about your job. I then tried to talk him into an occasional guest-blogging spot, but he just ignored me, basking as he was in the glow of his adoring (and increasingly drunk) audience. However, he did approve of the following NSFW link:

So now you can all be like my husband and start your day at Booty Vote. Because it's your duty to vote for the better booty.

Today's unironic agenda for thousands or perhaps millions of parents around the world:

Get begged to go to the theater and see Robots.

Get begged to go to the toy store and buy Robots toys.

Get begged to go to the grocery store and buy promotional breakfast "foods" with "free" Robots toys inside.

Guess what we're doing today.

UPDATE: Pouring out an entire box of Froot Loops makes your garbage smell great!