More observations to fascinate you

1. It was raining a lot recently, and apart from the usual assortment of impromptu rain gear on the street -- Hefty bag jackets, dry cleaner bag space helmets -- I also saw a woman walking around wearing a shower cap.

2. Then it was unseasonably warm all of a sudden and everyone's deodorant failed all at once. A trip to Fancy Ralph's was like walking through a locker room for the visiting hobo team.

3. And NOW, TODAY, it seems to be patcholi season. Like, everyone got the same idea that their deodorant wasn't going to pull through, so let's all just smell as nasty as possible anyway and turn our little burg into hippie hug central.

4. Or maybe I'm just having a series of olfactory hallucinations. My whole kitchen smells like masa, that corn paste you make tamales out of. It's a good smell, but still: whence the masa? Jack made a stunning rack of lamb with white beans last night, and we finally drank his birthday champagne a month late, because I gave in to the sweet, sweet call of booze again. And I guess the lamb had a little cornmeal on top, but not enough to account for a smell that actually preceeded the use of the material that causes it by a full month.

5. Once I lived in an apartment that was haunted. For example, one time I left some change on the table and when I turned my back it swept itself onto the floor. Another time my then-boyfriend was brushing his teeth, and then he came into the bedroom and said, "That was such a nice hug you gave me!" And I said, "What hug, I've been reading in bed for an hour," and he said, "No, I was brushing my teeth, and you came up from behind and hugged me and I said Mmmmmm." That was also the apartment with the fake cheese in the refridgerator. So even though it seemed like a nice haunting I wanted it to stop, and one day I just sat at the table and closed my eyes and gave the ghost a little speech in my head that went something like, "Hey, you seem really nice, but I have to ask you to go now because I'm a little freaked out. It's nothing personal, but I need you to move on." And I guess it did because no other unexplainable things ever happened there. Apart from that relationship, ha ha.