Day 1 of Not Drinking Slept great. Was afraid I wouldn't sleep at all, after years of laboring under the misperception that I must be knocked out cold by cheap wine every night. Woke up after dreaming I'd had another baby. It was huge, and after weighing him (8 lbs. 7 oz. -- mystical numbers, no doubt) I tried him on the right tit. The Problem Tit. He got some milk, or colostrum, I suppose, splashed on his nose, pulled away, and said "Wow! Thanks a lot!"

Energy feels boundless, no need for food. Am hearing colors, smelling sounds, etc. Have finished two screenplays, as well as the novelizations of said screenplays. Chewed own tongue off; sewed it back on with buttonhole silk, pink so it blends in. YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

Here is a fantastic link that a nice and funny reader sent to me at Christmastime. It's both the Old and New Testament with illustrative photos of all the action built out of Legos. I was going to post it on Christmas day but I was busy being possessed by Zuul and preparing for the coming of Gozer the Destructor.

Anyway, since this is a self-refluxive mommy blog, here's a picture of Rebekah, who married her "brother," Isaac, giving birth to her "incest" twins! The Bible: Bob Guccione ought to take a run at it, don't you think?