How the world sees us:

for which this thought might be a good caption:

canuckobserver - 12:47 PM ET November 4, 2004 (#8409 of 8413)

"Since most of the Blue states are on or near the Canadian border, we would love for the those states to separate and join Canada. Taking California might be a harder sell for Canadians, mind you.

Then there will be absolutely no opposition to the South turning the U.S. into a backwater. Enjoy."

Half the lefties I know swore they were moving to Canada after the last election but none of them did it, and none of them will do it again this time either, the cowards, although I've heard that Australia and New Zealand have some very attractive immigration policies. But what would moving away solve, people? Nothing. And as far as I could tell the world was still turning this morning. And it will continue to turn until Osama gets his hands on a nuke. Then you can kiss your ass goodbye. Unless you did the smart thing and moved to a country with more sheep than people.


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