Here's a delightful post by woman who lists 100 things she is grateful to have learned from her mom. Naturally, this has inspired me to write a list of things I have taught Jackson*.

1. It's okay not to bathe for several days in a row. Like, three. Five is pushing it, but if it's after 10 p.m. and your fingernails are clean and you aren't developing one of those dirt neck rings, let's go see what's on the Cartoon Network.

2. No, you can't have gum for breakfast, but Ritz cracker sandwiches with fake cheese filling from last week's birthday party goodie bag seem to be okay, especially if we're late for school.

3. You want us to spend your college money on Power Ranger toys? SURE!

*Don't worry, I put a dollar in his Therapy Jar every day.