I'm sure you recall the scene in A Bug's Life where the ant, who is looking for some tough bugs to fight the grasshopper bully (who is named Hopper, and who kick-starts his leg and roars off with the sound of a chopper, and is played by . . . Kevin Spacey. Maybe Cyndi Lauper and Karl Popper were unavailable -- or, well, dead). SO, the ant goes into a bug bar and the first insect he meets is a drunken mosquito who sucks down a huge drop of O-positive and falls off his barstool. (Children's movies! LOVE 'em!) Then the bartender comes out of the kitchen and yells, "Who ordered the Pu-Pu Platter?" and a bunch of flies swarm over the plate in his hand, because -- well, you can see this one coming -- it's a poo-poo platter.

Jackson thinks this is about the funniest thing he has ever heard, and he rarely lets you forget it. He finds ways to weave the phrase "pu-pu platter" into the darkest corners of the spider-filled garage upon which rests our lives.

". . . W, X, Y and Z, now I know my ABC's, next time won't you HAVE A PU-PU PLATTER?"

"Bad girl, bad girl, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when a PU-PU PLATTER COMES FOR YOU?"

He sings that last one just like Eugene Levy.