Eden M. Kennedy

mission accomplished, pal

Eden M. Kennedy is the co-author (with Alice Bradley) of the book Let's Panic About Babies! (St. Martin's Press).

A former college-radio DJ, Mrs. Kennedy has driven cross-country six times in a 1973 Volkswagen Bug and enjoys standing on her head.

Currently she works a straight job and is just about finished writing her first novel.

Occasionally I take down a link to someone's blog because they've stopped posting for various reasons: need a break, family crisis, don't care about having a goddamned Internet presence anymore, everybody Just Fuck Off!

Usually I'm adding links, though, and about a month ago I added waistdog. He kindly reciprocated by linking me and we exchanged a few friendly comments, and, you know, voilá! Internet friends: just like real friends, except so totally not.

So, he died. The guy behind waistdog. He just died the other day. And suddenly strangers are posting on his site and putting up pictures of him and now I know what he looks like and he seems so young for a heart attack.

And there will be no more sad funny posts about being snubbed by teenaged girls at Rite Aid. But I'm going to leave his link up for awhile, just in case you need a sad funny post about a guy being snubbed by teenaged girls at Rite Aid. Because sometimes that is just the thing you need.