Where WWW Means "Wretched Writers Welcome"

"Where WWW means Wretched Writers Welcome":

It may or may not be too late to enter. (Yes, I'm looking at you.)

Mac was the crustiest ex-LAPD homicide detective with three ex-wives, two mortgages, a greedy daughter wasting time at college, a gay son playing acid-blues punk in some Sacramento dive, and a liver that had been bitch slapped by cheap vodka so many times it looked like a bag of yellow fat, who ever walked into my floral and gift shop.

But then there's Lyttle Lytton:

She lay next to him that night, regretting sleeping with another while they were broken up, knowing she had done nothing wrong but feeling vaguely unclean, like freshly washed, once-folded laundry that has been shoved off the bed onto the floor and slept on by the dog.

Grazi, Long Story Short Pier