We've decided to help Jackson celebrate his Irish heritage this month by buying him boxes of Lucky Charms. I feel that the special prize Hot Wheels car inside is representative of St. Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland. (Driving, get it? Heh.)

In other news, Jackson has made what we believe may be his first joke. We were standing outside looking at the stars last night, and I was running through the constellations and planets that I knew: Orion fighting Taurus, Seven Sisters, Cassiopeia, plus Venus and, uh, the moon! Hey, that's six! (If you had as many un-stoned trips to the planetarium as I did as a kid, I would hope you'd retain at least that much information.) So I tell Jackson how Cassiopeia is that big W in the sky, like she's sitting in her chair, and Jackson goes (are you ready? this is the joke!) -- he goes, "Is Cassiopeia PEEING ON THE STREET?" And I just looked at him like, Oh my god, was that a joke? Like, first you've got this perspective that she's not billions of light years away but is close enough to be threatening to us by hovering over our street, you're speculating that she's on a potty chair, AND you noticed that she's got PEE in her name? Is it too early to call Mensa? I mean, it's not the kind of joke that's going to get him a gig with Leno, but, you know. Bravo, kid!