For some reason, I have been chosen to be in an anthology of bloggers, probably leading off the Bloggers Who Shouldn't Be Mothers chapter. I don't really believe it, because although they've demanded a short bio using my real name, I haven't seen a contract, just a pile of interview questions that required me to rouse my analytical mind for the first time since kindergarten and think about Why We Do This, this being online gut-spilling. I think it's obvious to everyone: WE'RE DOING IT TO GET BOOK DEALS. Which is why I did my patriotic duty this morning and went to Amazon UK to order a copy of mimi smartypants's new/old, 100% recycled online content paper book. I'm not the sort of person who is drawn to books about cats and shoes, but I am swallowing my pride for this one because mimi is a friend acquaintance person who responds to e-mail. Also, it's easy and fun to order from Amazon UK because they have your Yank account information and do all the conversion-from-pounds-to-dollars math for you, you just have to let go and trust them.

Also, it was a kind of birthday present for myself (along with a bargain DVD of Galaxy Quest and downloading a churnin' urn of burnin' funk from iTunes). Yes, I turned f-o-r-t-y this weekend, and I celebrated it by making my spine do all sort of bendy things in a yoga workshop. It was the sensible, responsible birthday celebration, as only moderate amounts of sake were consumed. Still, it was probably the best of all possible endings to a rocky week. I knew I was feeling better about Kitty's demise around Friday afternoon, when I started wondering if it was too late to dig her up and stuff her.

Also for your enjoyment: Doug sure knows how to put the laid in laid-off.