I guess I should thank Jackson for busting the CD tray on my computer, because I got to replace it with a DVD-CD burning thing and I have been lighting them up over at iTunes, shamelessly downloading sweaty top-40 dance music for my first mix CD. (Why no Madonna on iTunes? You controlling, withholding, non-yogic-spirited ho, you.) Say YES to George Michael. And Xtina and Missy and Jenny from the Block, too. And The Roches*. I downloaded a whole Roches album because I was looking through my old tape drawer (wow, I surely fogot about all that Brian Eno, which is why you should never get a band name tattooed on you, in twenty years you'll be all defensive: "No, he was really influential, and then he went on to produce U2!") and I was so happy to find my old Roches tape, and then I was so sad because it was busted. So, being all crafty like I am, I downloaded the fucker, taped the old cassette sleeve onto the inside front of an almost empty CD jewel case (now where am I going to store this Latex** CD?), stuck my Sharpie-decorated burnt Roches CD inside, and was pleased once again with its mixture of Sweet Adelines harmonies and amusing lyrics and playful pseudo-Frippertronics. (And you can dance to it, if you don't mind waltzing or jigging or kind of whirling around until you fall over, which would be a very Roches thing to do, I think.) So, ha ha ho!! The power to burn is mine!! Bwa ha ha, and you can stop rolling your eyes because you had this little revelation 1,000 months ago. I'm no longer an early adopter, I need time to adjust.

*Click here and scroll down to the part where it says, "Have you ever had trouble explaining the Roches' music to your friends?" Suzzy explains it perfectly to Bryant Gumbel in an interview from 1990.

** Where there's a thoughtful review by Jim, "who is in the 41-50 age group and watched this film alone," and who gives the plot/acting four stars!!!!